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Specialty Products Co. is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of mold releases and polishing compounds oriented primarily towards the composites industry. As our name implies, we also manufacture and supply niche products including our Styrid® vapor suppressant additive for polyester resin products as well as our Toolife and Reversol line of specialty greases and lubricants.

In an ever complicated world we have tried to take the confusion out of understanding and using our products as well as navigating this web site. We specialize in providing release products for all aspects of the composites industry that utilize thermoset resins including polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, and phenolic, either in a liquid or a pre-preg state. Our products are designed for use in open molding, closed molding as well as elevated temperature molding environments.

Our BuffAway compounds are quality, cost effective products that will remove sanding scratches and leave a smooth high gloss finish on tool surfaces and finished parts. They are designed to work equally as well on polyester gel coats, epoxy gel coats as well as urethane coatings.

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