REXCO Mold Care Products is the leading North American manufacturer of PVA, polyvinyl alcohol parting film-forming barrier solutions for thermoset composites. PVA parting films are solvent resistant yet water soluble and include traditional alcohol containing solutions for fast drying and new environmentally friendly, non-flammable non-hazardous green PVA films based on sustainable technology.

REXCO manufactures PARTALL®, FORMULA FIVE®, and MARBALEASE® brand lines for the fiberglass and cast polymer industries. Products include semi-permanent mold release agents, polymeric mold releases, mold cleaners, mold release waxes, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) parting films, mold polishes and buffing compounds, such as environmentally friendly PARTALL® Coverall Film, a superior low-VOC, non-hazardous PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) parting film and premium waxes such as FORMULA FIVE® Mold Release Wax and PARTALL® Hi-Temp Wax with Teflon®.

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