Isotec highly skilled team of research chemists, engineers and technicians serve a diverse range of industries. Whether your manufacturing process requires an existing material, a modified product or development of a new product, Isotec provides the material, technology and the personnel to meet your manufacturing objects.

At Isotec, it is our goal to consistently produce quality products and services in a safe environment. We are recognized nationwide as a producer of superior products and services by practicing a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Isotec not only employs quality people, but also continues to train all personnel in statistical process control, total quality management techniques, and chemical operator certification programs.

Maintaining a consistent level of high quality
Isotec’s customers want nothing less than quality and stability in every product. To meet the ever evolving, technological demands of the new century, we’ve implemented rigid, sophisticated controls. Our progressive management includes a continual upgrading of all our systems punctuated with safety inspections, and monitored quality checks.

One on one personal service, any time.
One of the undeniable advantages of maintaining a more scaled-down size than some of our competitors is just this: a carefully trained staff that can focus on giving our clients one on one attention. We want our company to be known not only for advanced and accurate solutions, but also for the caliber of personal service we deliver. Running a lean, aggressive operation shouldn’t mean sacrificing courtesy. Isotec’s commitment to you includes live people at the other end of the phone when you need them.

We value our partnerships with both suppliers and customers.
Isotec prides itself on building lasting relationships that invariably prove beneficial to both suppliers and customers, whatever the market. Over the years, we’ve proven this with an ever-expanding pool of contacts, which translates into all-around better sourcing and more competitive pricing. As a top chemical producer and distributor, Isotec meets the challenges of our market’s technologies. We are able to work as advocates for innovation by developing joint projects between our manufacturers and our suppliers.

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