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American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. is the industry’s leading and largest manufacturer of light to medium weight woven industrial fabrics. Our modern manufacturing facilities produce a myriad of fabrics and fiber-based products. We are the second largest manufacturer of cotton balls purchased by retail consumers.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters are located in Albemarle, North Carolina. American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. manufactures using Statistical Process Control and Good Manufacturing Practices.

We manufacture industrial woven wiping cloths and a variety of related industrial gauze, as well as cotton balls that are both imported and made of U.S. cotton. We also have the capability of manufacturing synthetic fiber balls. In addition to our position as a leading supplier of Class A wiping cloths (Rymplecloth®, Aerotex™, Cheese Cloth) used in critical wiping applications, we are a reliable supplier of knit wipers and non-woven wipers. Our specialty Fiber Products Division manufactures and imports cotton balls, cosmetic round and square pads. We are a leader in starched gauze, which is used in the bookbinding industry (hardbound books) and apparel industry. Our gauze is also the most critical component used in today’s high end automotive air filters. Cotton gauze is still the best and most economical choice for many other filtration applications.

Unlike distributors, we are actively and directly involved at all manufacturing subcontractor facilities and oversee processes and quality control at all locations where our product is made. Our direct supply chain enables us to deliver the best value in the marketplace.

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