MP 5405 Epoxy

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Product Description

MP 5400 Series epoxies. Epoxies are thermosetting polymers formed from reaction of a resin and a hardener. Epoxies can be used for a wide range of applications; many general purpose adhesive uses, bonding fiber reinforced plastics and other fiberglass composite materials. Epoxy adhesives are in a class of adhesives called \’structural epoxy adhesives\’ and used in constuction of vehicles, sports equipment, boats, aviation, and more. Please Contact Us for more information.

Ratio: 1 to 1
Viscosity: 12,500
Color: Clear
Work Life Minutes: 3-5 Min.
Shear Strength PSI: 2,000-4,000 psi
Dielectric Strength: 400 Volts/Mils
Hardness Shore D: 80