AL 2120 – 350F

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Product Description

AL 2120 is a high temperature, two-component, non-staining epoxy laminating system with excellent propertiesfor the construction of dimensionally stable tools and parts. This system combines good cloth wet-out with goodnon run-out properties. It will initially cure at room temperature to allow demolding. High temperature propertiesare obtained after some post curing at temperatures from 150° F (66° C) to 350° F (177° C). This system can beoperated continuously at 300° F (149°C) or intermittently at 350°F (177° C). AL 2120 is aluminum filled, non-MDA, non-VCHD system. The pot life of any laminating resin is an important indicator when considering overallsize, thickness and layup speed. Slower hardeners are preferable for large laminates and for all bagging procedures.

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